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Stay ahead of the weather this year, with OUTASHADE.

It’s official: the summer’s a distant memory and Autumn has arrived. The leaves have started falling, the weather is cold, and the garden has become a somewhat depressing space that will be used less and less as we head toward Christmas… but it doesn’t have to be.


Our partners at OUTASHADE have all the outdoor living solutions you need this Autumn, to stay ahead of the weather and retain your outdoor space all year round. Whether you’re thinking of expanding, renovating, or simply improving your home, OUTASHADE has several incredible offers on outdoor patio heaters and more.We caught up with the team to discuss which products they’d recommend installing in your home this Autumn, and the reasons why it might just be the best time to do so.



Autumn tends to be considered a quieter period in comparison to the summer and festive seasons. But as we move out of lockdown and the restrictions continue to ease, it seems as though the demand for home improvements continues to boom.


Whether you’re looking to treat your grandparents or the children, a pergola can bring the family together all year round. Most gifts will come and go, are used and replaced, but a pergola is a product for life that will benefit the whole family.


A retractable canopy will keep the snow and rain out, and will also keep any heat from below in. A slated louvered roofing system will allow you to control the amount of light to let in, or completely close the slates and enjoy a second room. The roof is powered through motorisation by remote for your convenience. Transform your summer structure into an autumn shelter.


Investing in your outdoor space will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. Create shelter from the cold winds and keep your patio/decking warm. Our pergolas can be equipped with privacy blinds or glass sliding doors that will provide shelter from the wind and cold weather, and increase privacy all year round. On the other hand, the glass sliding doors can create a glass
enclosure and renovate your garden into an outdoor room. 



We’ve found that many of our customers tend to consider awnings simply a sun-shading solution, but here at OUTASHADE, we know that patio awnings effectively integrate the inside and outdoor spaces of your home, enabling you to experience the outdoors throughout November, December and January too.


During the colder months, an awning will be just as valuable to you and your lifestyle as it was during the warmer, summer months. Naturally, it’s a quieter period for the team here so there is better availability to schedule consultation appointments and
installations. The manufacturers that we work with are benefitted from the quieter period too, as demand is low and the lead times are faster.


We know it’s colder during Autumn, but the weather here in the UK is never a sure thing. There will be times when the sun is shining, and you’ll want to enjoy some time outdoors. Vitamin D is proven to help protect against the flu, prevent high blood pressure and even diabetes… so don’t use the Autumn as an excuse to leave your home without an awning that will come in handy throughout all four seasons!



Outdoor entertainment spaces continue to top everyone’s wish list this year. Across the UK and Europe, BBQ nights and outdoor games remain massively popular as we transition out of the pandemic, and all generations enjoy prepping, cooking, and eating their meals at home, alfresco-style, to capture the luxury of open-air dining.


Depending on the design layout, such as island configuration, for instance, guests can gather around the kitchen, socialise and watch the chef whip up a storm. Furthermore, it allows the chef to remain engaged with guests without having to stray away from the task at hand.


Outdoor kitchen designs often mirror their indoor counterparts, to successfully transition the indoors to outdoors and make use of the previously unused outdoor space. Many people stop at a grill or BBQ island, but an outdoor kitchen can be expanded to include other
cooking appliances such as a pizza oven, flat-top grill, and smoker. Enhancing the layout of your outdoor kitchen with cabinets to accommodate appliances, hide bins or provide storage that helps centralise culinary activity.


Adding counter spaces provides a prep area for food and drinks, and also a place to entertain guests and allow them to hover and socialise. Install an ice machine and outdoor sink and you’ve got everything you need for the perfect entertainment space. 


What are some of the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen?

They say ‘too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth’, but with an OUTASHADE outdoor kitchen, it doesn’t have to be the case. Our designs allow for more helping hands to assist with preparing food, mixing drinks, or cleaning up. Furthermore, by placing a refrigerator, ice machine, or wine cooler on the end of a cabinet run, guests are invited to help themselves without disrupting the chef’s workspace.


Cooking foods with stronger odours?

No problem! Let them disperse outside rather than within your home. Canning or cooking fish? Use your outdoor kitchen to ensure your indoor space remains fresh and free of any strong smells. Furthermore, any spills are easily fixed with a quick hose down,
whereas a similar mess on an indoor floor could create a trip or fall hazard for guests and family. 


Cooking errors can create rising smoke that travels throughout the entire house and sets off smoke alarms – cooking outdoors eliminates these issues resulting in a more convenient cooking and household environment.


Going out for a meal with family and friends can become expensive. If you have an outdoor entertaining space with a dining and cooking area, you are less likely to go to a restaurant for a meal, which will ultimately save you money.


Furthermore, with a well-equipped outdoor kitchen, everything you need to entertain and look after your guests is in one place, so there’s no need for transporting and setting up a stand-alone BBQ or grill – it’s like your very own permanent, pop-up party.


Finally, designing an outdoor kitchen allows for a level of creativity that simply isn’t possible with an indoor kitchen. Whether you’re installing a kitchen on a deck, patio, or roof, there are fewer obstacles and considerations to work around so you can create a bespoke space you’re proud of.



Keep warm this Autumn with an outdoor patio heater to complement your pergola or awning. Enjoy the comforts of the outdoors whilst staying warm and toasty.


With so many aspects to consider when deciding on what you’d like to buy and install at your home, you first need to consider what your priorities and needs are, whether that be energy efficiency or the colour palette that best suits your space. The team at OUTASHADE will be with you every step of the way to ensure you’ve considered every possibility and that the outcome matches expectations.


The team works exclusively for you to deliver what works best and what could be better, whilst using high-quality products that will last for many years to come.


Charlie, and Bianca Austin – QPR Striker:

“We’ve been able to have parties and entertain guests when they come over without making a mess inside the house – we can simply stay under the pergola. It gives you the opportunity to sit outside and feel comfortable with shelter above you and on the sides, as the blinds give us cover from every angle. 


“And the best part is, if it does rain, you’re fully covered up. It’s nice to take you away from that home setting and have that vibe of being outside, whilst being inside. The good thing also with the heaters is that it doesn’t need to be hot, but it transforms you away from feeling like you’re at home – it makes you feel like you’re somewhere else.


“Our pergola has allowed us to have our parties and dinners outside and to be able to cook outside at the other end of the garden, without having to go back into the house. It covers our outdoor kitchen which is by our swimming pool, so we’re all in one area, instead of having to go back indoors to cook dinner and then come back outside.”


Mr. Greenwood – Upminster, Essex:

“We recently had a Pratic bioclimatic pergola installed by OUTASHADE. Jamie and his team have been excellent from the initial design stages through to installation. The final product has exceeded our expectations and truly enabled a practical indoor/outdoor living space given how seamlessly it has been integrated into the fabric of our house.”


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