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The Prodrive Racing Simulator’s mission for “the most beautiful racing simulator in the world” centres on hand craftsmanship, quality of material and originality of design. The integrity of that statement stands true within the most exquisite of settings and will surely draw the attention of the most discerning eye. Its sculptural presence is testament to the design, which is sure to become a future icon. Whilst its allure intrigues, it’s the ownership experience which makes for a truly unique proposition. Never before have Prodrive opened their doors in such a way and for the lucky few an opportunity awaits to become a Prodrive ‘driver’.

The experience begins from the outset with a dedicated liaison to guide you through the journey. Materials and specifications are discussed and tailored to your requirements, be that at your premises or at Prodrive’s Headquarters in the heart of Motorsport Valley.

Prodrive endeavour to make this a very special experience and each simulator is individually numbered with a unique chassis plate and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, hand-signed by the Chairman David Richards CBE. David himself instigated the creation of the Prodrive Racing Simulator and his quest was to challenge convention to create the most beautiful racing simulator in the world.

Initial inspiration was drawn from the classical lines of a grand piano, an instrument that complements the design of any home whilst also providing a focal point of entertainment. This philosophy is mirrored in the Prodrive Racing Simulator.

Tasked with evolving the concept into reality was eminent designer Ian Callum CBE, the combination of traditional materials, such as beech wood and piano black veneer complement Prodrive’s innovation and in house expertise with a carbon fibre pod which encompasses the driver cockpit.

“The design intrigues. You know it’s a simulator, but then you have to look again. The sweeping form and piano black gloss finish take the Prodrive Racing Simulator to a whole new place – it’s a piece of furniture that can sit in a living space.”

Ian Callum CBE

Naturally, the driving is central to the experience and testament to Prodrive’s racing heritage spanning 40 years.

Taking a seat in the carbon cockpit is just the same process as that of a real race car. Ease yourself in, one foot at a time and allow yourself to gently drop into the racing bucket seat. You’re immediately cocooned by the full carbon monocoque as you sit low within the cabin. Comfort is key and everything is adjustable from the electronic pedal box to the fore and aft of the seat.

Finally, you clip the racing steering wheel in place, test the pedals and notice the feel from the brake pedal, very little travel, just the same as a race car. Serious thought and knowledge are apparent in the absolute recreation of a racing cockpit.

Prodrive are keen to align with your needs and aspirations and will actively offer ongoing coaching from their roster of driving specialists whom are typically accustomed to top level Motorsport. This is the world with which

Prodrive have become synonymous over the last 40 years and ultimately will allow you the opportunity to engage and fulfil your true potential no matter how lofty the ambition. Many of us dream of experiencing life as a racing driver and now that dream is ever closer thanks to the Prodrive Racing Simulator.


The Prodrive Racing Simulator is available from Prodrive priced at £49,000 ex VAT, duties and shipping.

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