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We sat down with Adam John, Architect and Director of Ascot Design’s Cheshire foothold, for a question and answer session on creating homes that reflect the prestige and success of top-tier athletes.

The international design consultancy is headquartered in Ascot, Berkshire and with a third location in Mayfair, London. The company has a 20-year reputation in the industry for designing bespoke, high-end residences with diverse projects underway across the UK and internationally from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and beyond.

What do you believe is the driving force behind the decision of high-profile individuals to invest in a bespoke home?

In the British market, we’ve noticed a unique trend among distinguished individuals for a desire for grand and traditional homes. Our reputation as masters of truly timeless design has made us the go-to choice in the industry for public figures and their families seeking to realise their lifestyle aspirations. Through our long-term relationships with these clients, we have come to understand that this is rooted in the desire to build on the legacy of their careers by creating a family seat that represents their values and vision.

What design qualities and aesthetic elements resonate with both your clientele and your highly-engaged social media following alike?

There is an art to understanding how to design properties of a certain size that respect proportions inside and out, and this comes from years of doing it successfully. Understanding that every site and client is unique, there are principles to arranging the scale and layout of a grand traditional home whilst anticipating and adapting to evolving desires, tastes and technology. Our greatest strength lies in the inherent solidity of our buildings, which are designed to stand out and last. While the dressing and the cars in the drive will change over time, the core of our buildings are beyond fashion.

In your experience, what are the features and amenities that separate truly exceptional properties from the rest?

True wealth is being able to bring people together at your home, and the memories and connections it helps to create. Hosting and entertaining has always been a feature of homes at this level, and there has been a major revival in guest-focused amenities. Perfectly separating between private and public areas of the home, as well as catering to the comfort of guests, are keys to designing residences that are both family homes and inspiring places to entertain.

Can you explain the specific way your practice tailors its approach to meet the unique needs of high-profile clients?

Whilst our clientele is quite diverse, our firm typically caters to public and private figures alike who are seeking to create a bespoke home that reflects their legacy. Relationships and mutual trust are everything to us, and we pride ourselves on our ability to operate behind closed doors. Whether it’s keeping plans and locations confidential, or ensuring personal information is kept secure and protected, our commitment to discretion is an essential part of who we are as a design practice.

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