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Why is an Elite Protection Dog necessary for the modern-day player?

Elite Protection Dogs is a protection dog developer company used and admired by many of our clients and their families. Founded in London, sourced from Europe and sold anywhere, Elite Protection Dogs is the solution to your security needs.


Why is an Elite Protection dog better than any other form of protection?

Humans are unreliable. Technology is unreliable. And criminals are becoming smarter. Therefore, there is no better deterrent than a trained protection dog. Unfortunately, humans and technology have failed the safety of homeowners. As criminals become increasingly fearless, adapting techniques and developing their schemes, we are seeing a rise in home intrusions, robberies and criminal activity, particularly affecting those in the public eye. Evidently, technology has failed those targeted; criminals no longer fear being recorded/documented by cameras, setting off alarms or the obstruction of large gates etc. In fact, we are seeing a rising trend of gunpoint robbery, where the homeowner or resident is of use to the criminal to execute their scheme, and therefore if people are present in the home the practice of alarms are irrelevant. Sadly, human security and home guards are no longer effective either, as we have read and seen in the news on countless occasions, security guards will give in to natural human fear, causing a ‘flight’ scenario; they recognise their life as of value and are outnumbered by the number of robbers or criminals. Their loyalty no longer lies with their employer, but rather the situation practically becomes one of survival. In addition to this, we have heard of scenarios where security is asleep, on the other end of the premises or simply unaware of the intruders and as a result, fails to act soon enough.


The accuracy of canine scent detection is 100,000 higher than humans due to the many more receptors they possess, even allowing them to identify individual scents through several layers. Biologically, dogs are capable of a lot more than humans, especially with the aid of correct training. Along with natural biological ability, our dogs are incredibly spatially aware, territorial and conscious, meaning that they will sense an intruder before anyone or anything else.


Elite Protections dogs are devoted and driven by their loyalty and love. We have all heard of the saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’, but it does not take the personal experience to confirm this is true. At Elite Protection Dogs we develop dogs that integrate into your life as your pet and best friend, not just a form of protection. The bond between our dogs and their owners is unbreakable, it is truly special to witness some of the relationships created between our customers and their new best friend, and this is what drives our dogs to ‘fight’ for their family and territory rather than ‘flight’, never compromising your safety.


Why is an Elite Protection Dog necessary for the modern-day player?

Unfortunately, members of the sporting industry have been identified as the main targets of criminals involved in robberies, and in particular knifepoint robberies. As criminals desire access to safes and other locations containing products of high value, the homeowner being present in the home is becoming vital for the execution of their plan. The risk of setting off an alarm system becomes irrelevant in this instance and sadly we are hearing of cases where criminals are becoming more and more violent. As previously mentioned, a protection dog not only protects you physically when the intruder arrives but also alerts the owner, unlike an alarm will. Overall, protection dogs are currently the most reliable form of security.


Tell us more about your dogs. What type of breeds and abilities are available?

We offer three types of dogs in a variety of breeds, suited to your personal requirements and needs;

Fully trained dogs, young dogs and puppies. Our dogs are sourced from the best dog breeders in Europe, with the strongest genes and potential to become a protection dog. We must stress, we are the biggest advocates for Shepherd breeds (Belgian, Dutch, German). Their IQ level is significantly high, they have lots of potential for protection and they are extremely family-friendly. However, we also offer Rottweilers, Dobermans and Cane Corso breeds. Our fully trained dogs are 2 years and older, they’re functional straight away due to their experience and training. They are obedient, loving and social. However, many of our clients desire the integration process of a puppy, but without the maintenance, and so purchase what we call, a young dog. These are larger than puppies but not yet fully grown canines, they are mature and have an age-appropriate level of obedience. As a result, we train and raise your dog, together. This is done through weekly visits to your home; supporting you, educating you, and teaching you how to behave with your new pet. These dogs are suitable for training and will attend boot camps whilst we raise it together.


Tell us about the training of your dogs.

We operate with only the best European trainers to develop our dogs. They use the most modern and updated techniques, frequently improving their skills and knowledge through attending seminars and courses.


How do customers choose their dog and what are your suggestions?

It is a false assumption that when purchasing a dog of a large breed, it will behave as a guard or protection dog. Without the correct genes and training, this simply is not possible. Not all breeds are capable of this as it’s not in their DNA, despite some clients presuming the dog will behave in a protective manner due to their aesthetic appearance. For example, we have experienced clients who have previously bought large dogs, that are typically more suited for herding sheep etc, and not for personal protection. However, certain protection dog breeds require more continuous training than others, to cement their drive. Equally, there is such a thing as too much training, which is detrimental and something we avoid.


The selection process is done in unity. We really want to understand your needs and requirements before we can offer you one of our dogs so that we can provide you with a perfect match. Each dog has its own temperament and might not be suitable for what you personally desire. Therefore, several meetings are organised with clients; providing an opportunity to truly understand what you’re seeking for and satisfy this.


How much is an Elite Protection Dog priced at?

Our fully trained dogs start from £20,000.

For more details or enquiries, please visit click here.

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