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A Sports World Collaboration: Tim Cahill x JOALI BEING

As part of Sport World’s enduring commitment to connecting luxury brands with the world’s best talent, we connected leading wellbeing island JOALI BEING with an iconic name in international football. JOALI BEING, a proud partner of Sports World and the first wellbeing island of its kind in the Maldives, was proud to welcome Tim Cahill for a special visit this Easter founded on inspiring the next generation.

Since the opening in late 2021, JOALI BEING has become one of the world’s leading wellbeing islands with a holistic approach to all-round mind and body wellness, all while supporting neighbouring island communities and the wellbeing of their residents. This Easter, they invited young guests and a group of enthusiastic teens from a nearby school to participate in football workshops led by Cahill, inspiring multi-generational play and encouraging children to be active, play and above all, smile.

The Workshops

Former Australia and Everton player and a strong advocate for the future of football, Tim was the perfect figure to spearhead the collaboration. Drawing from his extensive coaching experience and knowledge – Tim spent 20 years as a professional player across five continents – SWM knew that Tim would be the ideal person to lead the football workshops, which focussed on mastering technical drills, turning practice skills into fun and engaging games with a key focus on holistic development. Cahill believes in creating a supportive environment where every youngster feels valued and encouraged to fulfil their potential.

“Inspiring young boys and girls on the island was amazing,” says Tim. “The nicest thing for me was to be able to make it so inclusive, it’s all about bringing people together, and giving back. For me it was a real pleasure.”

The first guest event was specifically for those staying at the resort, with almost all kids participating as well as a handful of parents and adults. JOALI BEING received very positive feedback from the event, with Tim also spending time playing Padel tennis with the guests. The second event was equally as successful, with 16 boys from the neighbouring island attending a wonderful, educational session with Tim.

The Experience

As well as hosting these workshops, Tim was also able to enjoy a rejuvenating stay at JOALI BEING, allowing for quality, leisurely time with his family and a personalised journey designed to restore natural balance and facilitate personal transformation, woven around the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy.

“Considering what I do now – I am the technical director of the Qatar Football Association, Chief Sport Officer at Aspire Academy and a Board Member of football club KAS Eupen – I have to be mentally responsible to attack the day,” Tim explains. “Feeling good, eating well and thinking well are essential – and JOALI BEING gave me everything. I’ve had this moment to stop and reset, which has been transformative for me. It encourages you to be a better human being and to respect your body.”

The Arrival Jetty at JOALI BEING

Tim was given a personal itinerary which allowed him to try all of the treatments and offerings at JOALI BEING, including Watsu, Pilates, Cryotherapy and workouts in their fitness centre – CORE. “I put my mind and body back together,” Tim explains. “Yoga in the morning watching the sunrise, being able to mediate, meet different people, explore new treatments like Watsu and sound therapy, play Padel, football and use the gym – it was incredible,” he adds.

“They teach you things that you didn’t know. I did Watsu, and I felt like I was flying,” Tim explains. “Very vulnerable, very open, an experience I’d never had before, but coming out feeling alive and free.” Watsu is a unique blend of Shiatsu performed in the water. As you submerge into this aquatic oasis, you will experience stretches that reach deeper, making them incredibly effective in melting away tension and stress. The gentle, rhythmic movements will cradle you in a sensation reminiscent of the womb, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and reborn after each session. JOALI BEING provide this transformative treatment as part of their wellbeing offering.

Tim also underwent an integrative lifestyle assessment with one of JOALI BEING’s resident wellbeing consultants, talking him through his areas of strength, weakness and things he can implement once he leaves to improve his overall wellbeing.

“We had a long chat about things that I can improve, and areas to focus on. Yes I’m very fit, but there are areas I can improve on with my nutrition,” he explains. “The menu here is incredible. Everything is sustainably sourced, gluten-free and contains limited sugar. Being around people that encourage you to eat better and live better is amazing.

“After 20 years of football I thought I knew a lot, but this JOALI BEING experience is another level. I’m really enjoying this journey.”

From a wellness perspective, JOALI BEING provided Tim with an unforgettable trip, but in the interests of inspiring the next generation, the collaboration had a deeper meaning. SWM were delighted to facilitate this and look forward to working with Tim and JOALI on new projects in the near future.

From Our Partner

“Overall, this was a great, fruitful collaboration for us which worked very well both ways. For Tim, it was beyond hosting the football camps but further connecting with JOALI BEING as a place that he could reset in a way that works best for him, plus have quality, leisurely time with his family. We very much support and appreciate his work ethics, professionalism and particularly the enthusiasm and drive that he puts in to the football sessions, how he connects with everyone. It’s a perfect fit for our multigenerational concept that we focus highly on.” – JOALI BEING

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