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Create the perfect outdoor entertainment space for summer with Outashade

Its official! The summer is here… the days are getting longer, the sun is shining and the garden has once again become the focal point of your home.

Our partners Outashade have all the outdoor living solutions you need this summer. Whether youre thinking of expanding, renovating or adding an outdoor dining space, it’s not too late to give your home a summer makeover.

With several incredible offers on outdoor kitchens and more, we caught up with the team to discuss which products they’d recommend in 2022.


Investing in your outdoor space will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine, which is why the demand for home improvements continues to boom.

Make the most of your garden this summer with one of our stylish pergolas and create the perfect entertaining space for your guests in your very own summer sanctuary.

Whatever the weather, adjustable sunscreen blades will provide ideal ventilation and conditions by taking advantage of the elements already present in the natural environment – primarily the sun and wind.

Made of aluminium, these blades can rotate up to 140 degrees and their variable inclination allows convenient adjustment of brightness and breeze, creating the perfect conditions inside. When it rains, the blades close, ensuring total protection from all the elements.

Create shade from the hot summer days with high UV ray protection and elevate the look of your outdoor space. Our pergolas can be equipped with privacy blinds or even glass sliding doors allowing the user to enjoy the scenery with multiple window closing options, so you can make the most of your space all year round.


Awnings are a sophisticated and functional way of expanding the shaded area of your outdoor patio. We’ve found awnings continue to be a practical and discreet solution with timeless aesthetics.

Invisible wired arms –

Cables are concealed, and the folding arms’ simple shade makes for a minimalist finish. In addition, the folding arms can be fitted with dimmable LED lighting.

LED lighting –

Energy-efficient dimmable direct LED lighting, fully integrated into the arms and/or box of the awning, or choose indirect LED lighting integrated into the extension pole and arms.

Ideal for larger spaces –

Our new collection features the most luxurious models in the range which are ideal for larger terraces. Multiple awnings can also be attached to increase the width.

Replaceable fabric –

We use a wide range of contemporary, high-tech acrylic fabrics that are easily replaced if necessary. The fabrics are sound-absorbent and come with water, dirt and rot-resistant treatments. The fibres are spun-dyed to retain their sparkle for years to come and provide maximum UV protection.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor entertainment spaces continue to rise in popularity. Across the UK and Europe, BBQ nights and outdoor games remain massively popular and all generations enjoy prepping, cooking and eating their meals at home alfresco-style to capture the luxury of open air dining.

Depending on the design, guests can gather around the kitchen to socialise and watch the chef whip up a storm. In doing so, the chef can remain engaged with the guests without having to move to and from the kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen designs are often similar to their indoor counterparts to successfully mirror your indoor and outdoor spaces. People often stop at a grill or BBQ island, but an outdoor kitchen can be expanded to include additional appliances including a pizza oven, flat-top grill or smoker.

By enhancing the layout of your outdoor kitchen with cabinets, you can accommodate appliances, hide bins, provide storage and ultimately help centralise culinary activity.

Adding countertop spaces provides a prep area for food and drinks and also a place for guests to hover and socialise. All that’s left to do is install an ice machine and outdoor sink, and you’ve got everything you need for the perfect entertainment space.

What are some of the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen?

They say ‘too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth’, but with an Outashade outdoor kitchen that doesn’t have to be the case. We design outdoor kitchens with people in mind, so that you’ll always have help preparing food, mixing drinks or cleaning up. By placing a refrigerator, ice machine or wine cooler on the end of a cabinet run, guests are invited to help themselves without disrupting the chef’s workspace. With a well-equipped outdoor kitchen, everything you need to entertain and look after your guests is in once place, so there’s no need for transporting and setting up a stand-alone BBQ or grill.

Finally, designing an outdoor kitchen allows for a level of creativity that simply isn’t possible with an indoor kitchen. Whether you’re installing a kitchen on a deck, patio or roof, there are fewer obstacles and considerations to work around so you can create a bespoke space you’re proud of.


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