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Currency transfers for professional athletes

‘Unlock the world’ with Capitex:

Tailored International Payment Solutions for Global Game Changers

For professional athletes, managing international payments goes beyond the game. With many footballers having a global presence, requiring secure money transfers overseas is an everyday necessity.

Whether repatriating salaries back home, supporting friends and family abroad or completing overseas investments, Capitex is the market leader for sports professionals.

With football being a game played worldwide, players often relocate to different countries and are paid in foreign currencies. This creates a natural requirement for money to be sent cross-border.

As of 2023, approximately 70% of players in the Premier League are from overseas. Capitex is regarded as an indispensable tool for many of these players, offering a tailored set of advantages specifically designed to meet the unique needs of professional athletes when sending funds internationally.

Accessibility and convenience are essential – Capitex is home to several competent Relationship Managers who look after professional athletes. What sets Capitex apart is its ability to offer convenience beyond expectation, cater to busy schedules and take the stress away from day-to-day administrative tasks, such as processing international payments.

Often, these payments can be for significant investments such as holiday homes, where a slight difference in the exchange rate can amount to a substantial sum. Capitex operates extremely favourable margins to ensure prices are super competitive. In addition, on more significant transactions, working with a Capitex Account Manager ensures eyes are always on the market to protect clients from unfavourable movements in the exchange rate.

As experts in their field, Capitex offer a personal and discretionary service to professional athletes, which is only a message or phone call away. This enables athletes to have 24-7 support direct to their personal contact on hand, including market-leading exchange rates, same-day international transfers and a hassle-free process.

“Working with Capitex has been great. Whenever I need to send money to the United States or South America, they get it done fast and with great rates.”


Capitex has become the leading player for international transfers amongst footballers since unearthing the banks’ lack of ability to service customers in 3 key areas, these being:

Cost-effective exchange rates and transparent pricing – maximise earnings with exchange rates far more competitive than traditional banks, with no additional or hidden fees.

Support tailored to the unique needs of Sports Professionals – on-hand support from personal contact at Capitex to initiate payments and transfers, irrespective of location or busy training schedules.

Time-critical transactions – lightning-fast international transfers ensure professional athletes capitalise on time-sensitive opportunities.

Capitex stands as an essential tool in the financial playbook of professional athletes. Its commitment to competitive exchange rates, security and personalised service makes it a crucial necessity for many footballers, empowering them to manage their international financial obligations efficiently.

Capitex allows its clients to truly ‘Unlock the World’.

“Capitex offers me top service when exchanging currency. They’re always ready to help and advise me on when the right time to exchange is. I’m sure we will work together closely in the future!”


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