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DEUS Automobiles

Vivacity, functionality, and above all, timelessness. These three seemingly different concepts are brought together by DEUS in the automotive world.

Established in 2020 in Vienna, Austria, DEUS shapes its philosophy around enabling the true luxury of unconstrained lifestyle choices. Thus, forging a new era where luxury, innovation, and exhilaration converge flawlessly in each meticulously crafted Hyper Lifestyle Vehicle.

From Dawn until dusk: One Vehicle, one Brand, one Lifestyle.


The path of DEUS began in 2016 when Adrian-Filip Butuca took on the mantle of an automotive designer, pursuing his dream of entering the niche car industry while developing his passion for design by shaping multiple vehicle concepts. In this sense, he applied to work for various manufacturers, facing rejection each time.

Over time, he built a design identity centered around symmetry and infinity, two powerful concepts that would become the pillars of DEUS and inspire the way for innovative high-performance vehicles. These vehicles take a different approach to the classical narrative of purely performance and record-breaking hypercars.

In 2020, Adrian-Filip took the decisive step and founded DEUS Automobiles in Vienna, where he spent his childhood and gathered inspiration for a timeless, strong, and memorable brand. Today, a team of like-minded people is pushing the DEUS philosophy forward into the automotive space, with the mission to create truly exclusive vehicles meant to be driven and savoured, with all their functionality.

Hyper Lifestyle Vehicle

The Hyper Lifestyle Vehicle (HLV) is the high-performance vehicle type introduced by DEUS, creating a realm of its own where unparalleled comfort and top-tier functionality seamlessly intertwine with stunning performance to be savoured day by day.

From the golf pitch in the morning to the cocktail party in the evening, and everything in between, the HLV is conceived to integrate the most simple or the most extravagant desires in one’s lifestyle. A vehicle that boasts ludicrous performance and the driving dynamics of a hypercar is made comfortable and functional for daily enjoyment.

Named after Vienna, as an ode to timelessness, DEUS Vayanne represents the first HLV presented by DEUS in 2022. It is DEUS’ brand manifesto, an embodiment of its philosophy, expanding the classical definition of a hypercar. The Vayanne offers features that enable an elevated and dynamic lifestyle, where high performance is paired with daily-drivability in the niche car segment. Within the Vayanne lies an interior sanctuary, where space is abundant, and storage options are versatile. Intuitively designed commands seamlessly navigate this space, with comfort reigning supreme, making long rides a luxurious affair.

Some functional features that make the Vayanne stand out include front, rear, and interior storage space, generous ground clearance, an interior designed for easy ingress and egress with suspension intervention, adaptive steering and suspension with lift function, and many more. The first sketches of the Vayanne took shape in 2020, leveraging the design ethos of existing DEUS vehicle concepts. Additionally, the heritage and expertise of DEUS’ partners allowed for the rapid development of the initial demonstration vehicle.


DEUS Vayanne bears the signature of two established partners in the industry: Italdesign Giugiaro in Italy, responsible for the development, homologation, and manufacturing of the Vayanne; and WAE Technologies from the UK, integrating their innovative EVR electric platform.

Together, they stand as one to inspire the way to luxury HLVs. For the Vayanne, they chose the innovative architecture of the EVR electric platform as the basis, allowing the integration of numerous attributes that the Vayanne excels at, especially the fusion of comfort and performance.


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