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Embrace Chaos – Hästens Beds

Imagine waking up, feeling ready for everything life has in store for you. All people sleep. You know the feeling; going into that unconscious state where your body lies relaxed, motionless, and your mind becomes suspended in dream space. 


You can sleep almost anywhere if necessary for survival; on bare soil, a stone floor, a rug, a foam mattress, in a hammock, and of course in your own bed. Wherever you sleep or for how long, you’ll likely get enough sleep to survive. But, shouldn’t your sleep experience be more than a means of survival? Sleep enhances the quality of your life. How well you sleep determines how awake and welcoming you are towards everything life has to offer. It’s during your waking hours that you can truly notice how well you have slept.


You can notice whether or not your resting place allows both your body and mind to experience full recovery from the previous day. Or, does your resting place secretly steal from your quality of time here on Earth? Hästens manufactures world-class handcrafted beds. What you feel when springs, horsetail hair, wool fibers, cotton, flax and wooden joints cooperate is, in fact, the fruit of nearly 170 years of relentless work. Because that’s what it takes to build a platform for a better day.


The Hästens experience is like receiving a comforting embrace.


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