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During a recent break in his home country, the superstar Scandinavian footballer Erling Haaland teamed up with international fine art photographer David Yarrow to create an iconic photograph that was so striking, it was impossible to look away. The motivation? To raise funds for charities in Norway that are close to Haaland’s heart.

Embracing the footballer’s physical presence and distinctive Nordic look, the idea for the Viking theme was an obvious choice for Yarrow. In fact, it was difficult to think of another sportsman in the world who could wear the look more naturally.

When the moment arrived, the light was kind, the low cloud cleared and Haaland was captured rising from the sea, every inch the Viking. “Throughout the shoot, he was fully engaged and charming to all,” says Yarrow. “I look forward to the reaction this photograph will receive and the monies it will raise in the next couple of years.”

Haaland joins a series of famous faces, including supermodel Alessandro Ambrosio, on display as part of David Yarrow’s ‘Storytelling’ exhibition at Maddox Berkeley Street until 26th November. The photographer’s work has raised over £11m since 2016, with all proceeds from the sale of Haaland going to charitable causes in Norway.

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