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High-security safes in its most beautiful form

In the relatively rarefied and exclusive world of home security BUBEN&ZORWEG, a globally renowned manufacturer of unique luxury safes, watch winders and multifunctional objects Made in Germany, commits itself with devotion to meet customer demands for individual luxury safes which fit harmoniously into the living ambience, assuring highest security standards and yet providing an extraordinary presentation of valuables at the same time. With success – as within a few years, since their first introduction of their safe collection, the company became the market leader in luxury safes.


In 1995, while still studying, Harald Buben and Christian Zörweg founded the company BUBEN&ZÖRWEG, which initially specialised in the manufacture of luxury watch boxes and watch winders. Inspired by their customers’ passion for the world’s most exceptional watches and driven by the desire to offer the best possible and highest quality solution, both of them succeeded, through years of research and development work with their specialists, in pioneering the field of mechanical wristwatches with automatic winding. In 1998, the company presented the TIME MOVER® technology. An electronic module control system that allows several watches to be wound simultaneously. The world’s first watch winder was born.


Since then the collection increased including a curated range of safes and built-in safe solutions as well as watch winders and of multifunctional presentation objects. Each with various selection options in terms of size, function, material and colour to display watches, jewellery and collectables in private residences, penthouses, yachts and were even indispensable for equipping even second and third private residences around the world. In order to enjoy ones most precious possessions and collections closely, the company enjoys great confidence of its customers and crafts very personal masterpieces which are often part of their clients’ most private rooms such as bedrooms, integrated parts in walk-in-wardrobes, collector and lounge rooms up to the most exclusive collector garages creating very individual, fascinating but most of all very private intimate presentation Refugio. 


Among watch collectors, connoisseurs and lovers of exceptional security and presentation masterpieces, the brand BUBEN&ZORWEG is considered the iconic reference. Expert panels and various high calibre organizations constantly state that BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpieces are playing in a league of their own – in terms of design language, technology and craftsmanship.


With BUBEN&ZORWEG stand-alone safes, security itself becomes even an art object. Enhanced with state-of-the-art technologies, unique and suspense creating designs and manufactured with the finest materials for exquisite interior and exterior, the company offers its client’s highest excellence of German engineering combined with timeless beauty and surprising effects. Each BUBEN&ZORWEG safe is handcrafted and hand-assembled at their manufactory near Stuttgart, where design and high-tech, craftsmanship and ingenuity have always come together – the heart of Germany‘s premium brands in the German car industry. 


The manufactory is home and world of new ideas and special creations. The design team, product developers, engineers and master craftsmen work closely together to make customers’ wishes come true. Everything comes together in one house, is networked in short distances, inspired by the mission for CREATING UNIQUE MASTERPIECES. 


Each BUBEN&ZORWEG safe is submitted to intensive stress tests to determine the resistance to all sorts of external impacts to protect the safes and their contents and meet by these strict examination procedures all necessary requirements for VdS certification (the highest mark of quality available). Therefore it is imperative that all safes made by BUBEN&ZORWEG are of course VdS certified.


The ICON among the BUBEN&ZORWEG safe collection is for sure the ORION. And this not only visually but also haptically. The Orion collection is made of finest Italian Nappa leather and combines a high degree of holistic craftsmanship and endless individualisation possibilities for safes that, up to then, were considered impossible.


It is fascinating to realize that below the decorative elegantly structured and very iconic square pattern of the Orion’s precious leather there is a hard core of a safe equipped with the latest German safety technology and certification which reliably protects value treasures. The surface is refined by finest handmade seems in selectable colours on the door and enhanced by hand-polished stainless-steel components like the safe opening handle which is crowned by a hand-positioned mother-of-pearl insert. The door openings are engineered with perfection to capture every reflection of light. They are technical master strokes with state-of-the art technology and offer selectable locking options like fingerprint openings. 


This fascinating combination of precious materials with the convincing safeguarding function has made the ORION a central component of major Hollywood productions and are true companions to several European football heroes, Hollywood actors and actresses as well as to several high profile businessmen. 



In September 2020 BUBEN&ZORWEG partnered with BUGATTI Automobiles related through their two kindred spirits with very high standards in terms of design, technical perfection and accomplished craftsmanship. 


Both brands are renowned to always offer the extraordinary, exceed even the wildest dreams.


As homage to their partnership, both brands developed a highly exclusive collection together that blends maximum technical ingenuity, incomparable design quality and perfect craftsman like precision. 


Aficionados of special design objects can look forward to “BUBEN&ZORWEG for BUGATTI” masterpieces, which embody the brand DNA of both extraordinary luxury manufacturers. The first limited edition of the cooperation is based on the design and material qualities of the breath-taking Chiron hyper sports car with “Chiron 300+” styles. 


“Chiron 300+” honours the power of the BUGATTI Chiron Super Sport 300+, the first vehicle to break the magic boundary of 300 miles per hour in 2019 with a speed of 304 mph (more than 490 km/h), thus setting a new world record. 


Connoisseurs of the BUGATTI brand will recognize numerous details and design elements, such as the black carbon fibres, legendary horseshoe radiator and exciting two-tone contrasts, just completely true to the motto of the “BUBEN&ZORWEG for BUGATTI” cooperation: “Experience the Extraordinary”.


The Grande Illusion Chiron is the most exciting eye-catcher of the BUBEN&ZORWEG for BUGATTI collection. A creation that reminds you of a sculpture, crowned by the unmistakeable B&Z Flying Minute Tourbillon Clock.


The multifunction safe weighing 215 kg surprises by the fact that upon being unlocked, exclusively by a biometric fingerprint sensor or transponder chip, the safe and its contents elegantly slide upwards.


The Grande Illusion Chiron lifts the valuables kept inside, such as your favourite watch, a necklace or the keys for the hyper sports car, from an embossed column. A special drawer which shields from radio waves has been developed to guarantee a particularly stylish and secure storage of keys. The Illusion Chiron and Grande Illusion Chiron multifunction safes are available in two colours and three material combinations and their production has been limited to 30 units per combination. 


The Spirit Chiron watch winder for four or eight watches is available in two colour/material combinations which have also been limited to 30 units. All Limited Edition BUBEN&ZORWEG for BUGATTI will be available in global B&Z Boutiques and at selected retail partners. For more information visit:

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