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Michelin-Star Luxury for Your Home

Introducing DeManincor, SWM’s latest partner specialising in Italian luxury handcrafted bespoke kitchens for your home, trusted by the world’s finest restaurants with over 50 Michelin-stars.

Since 1828 and for 5 generations, DeManincor has been hand-building bespoke cooking equipment for professional and domestic kitchens. Based in Italy, the family-run company is meticulous about every detail, swathing every creation in the finest finishes, perfectly suited for kitchens of this stature. 

From what began as the artisan activities of a small blacksmith, the company has honed its craft over the years, evolving to become the specialist manufacturer of bespoke kitchens it is today. Entirely custom-made, each kitchen is a design marvel, outfitted with high-performance equipment and crafted to the best quality standards. 

From the luxury bespoke domestic ranges to islands and cabinets, every facet is manufactured according to DeManincor’s long-standing know-how. Generations of experience combined with expert knowledge developed from working alongside some of the world’s most prestigious venues and Michelin-starred restaurants, has made DeManincor the true kitchen specialist. 

The materials used by DeManincor have been selected over time, from the company’s founding until now. Each material has been carefully chosen based on quality and requirements of each individual equipment piece.

The design options of a DeManincor kitchen are limitless, with the ability to tailor-make each range in any size, colour or finish, with professional-grade appliances such as Teppanyaki, pasta boilers and Bain Maries, plus extraction canopies and refrigeration.

The kitchen’s façade is then enamel-coated in one of many colours, as selected by the client. Although this hard-wearing coating is more complicated to manufacture, ceramic enamel is, without a doubt, the best material for a kitchen.  It is extremely resistant to scratches and high temperatures, it doesn’t degrade over time, and is easy to clean. 

The doors feature handcrafted heavy-duty stainless-steel hinges, 180-degree opening abilities, and locking magnets. The door itself has a double-wall construction with soundproof interior material. 

They give you the freedom to imagine a world without limits. Capable of fulfilling any desire because they don’t believe in limiting creativity. That’s a passion we can trace back to 1828.

Download the brochure here.

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