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Unveiling Bourgeois Bohème

It’s more than a payment solution. It’s a lifestyle.


Bourgeois Bohème combines traditional financial services with innovative payment products.


Bridging the Gap 

Bourgeois Bohème, also known as BoBo, is a bespoke financial service catering to the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals. The concept is inspired by David Brooks’ book Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There, which describes a social group embracing both material success and deep-seated purpose.

BoBo’s services are focused on simplifying the complexities of family payments and household management. We offer an exclusive, seamless payment experience that encapsulates joie de vivre for you and your family. BoBo is adept at navigating the sophisticated financial challenges that are typical for wealthy individuals. 

Our ethos combines the bourgeois capitalist mindset with a bohemian lifestyle, promoting a holistic, inclusive approach to life that balances material achievements with conscientious indulgence and countercultural harmony. The BoBo platform also presents significant opportunities for luxury brands and lifestyle businesses to bring our service offerings and loyalty programs directly to their target audience.


All Bobo Memberships Come With Exclusive Benefits:


Efficiency and Global Accessibility
  • Fast and transparent membership: reviewed in under 48 hours, no hidden fees, transparent pricing.
  • Worldwide acceptance: Accepted wherever Mastercard is, with multi-currencies accounts and a global network of lifestyle experts.


Comprehensive Financial Management
  • Introducing our upcoming feature – an advanced family back-office platform: high wallet funding, sub-accounts for household staff and crew, and easy transaction management. 
  • Bespoke innovative payment solutions: Luxury metal and gold cards, and customizable payment devices like bracelets, charms, and key fobs.


Outstanding Support and Security
  • Remarkable support and lifestyle assistance: tailored assistance, integrated payment facilitation, and exclusive access to private events.
  • Safeguarding of client funds: adherence to stringent regulatory standards, and funds safeguarded in a regulated bank.
  • Enhanced privacy and security: cards and wearables not marked with names, advanced fraud monitoring, and comprehensive control with in-app support available 24/7.


Bourgeois Bohème is designed for you and your family by people who understand that money is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Wealth enables luxury, but it also empowers ethical living. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO, a philanthropist, or an influencer, if you have a passion for life, you are almost certainly a believer in the values of BoBo. Join the BoBo community.

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